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Friday, 13 November 2015

BLOG TOUR: Guest Post - A Girl's Best Friend by Lindsey Kelk

Today I have the amazing Lindsey Kelk on my blog to talk about why she loves cats. Stay posted for my review of her latest novel A Girl's Best Friend.

Top Ten Reasons a Cat is a Girl’s Best Friend

Ever since I got my kittens, Belle and Anderson Cooper, back in May, I’ve become something of a nightmare. My phone is full of photos of them, my Facebook feed looks like a KiteKat commercial and I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve been late for something because one of them was being too adorable upon my person to leave the house. I’m a disgrace. But I digress. Everyone is super keen to tell the world how a dog is a man’s best friend but who’s standing up for the cats? Me, that’s who.

1. They have taken over the internet.

And I love the internet. No other animal has captured the heart of the information highway in quite the same way and for that, I applaud them.

2. They weed out undesirable suitors.
‘Oh, you have cats? Are you a crazy cat lady?’
‘No but you’re going home on your own, douchebag.’
3. They encourage napping and sleeping in.
And that is always OK by me.

4. They give me clothing texture and hair aspirations.

5. Netflix and Chill
Them ‘You wanna throw on some Friday Night Lights and call it a night?’
Me ‘But it’s only 4.30?’
Them *shrugs*
Me ‘I love you.’

6. They’re independent 
Cats don’t need to be around people. I mean, yeah, they need to eat and they’d love you to deal with their box once in a while but they’re not desperate for attention*. Cats are just not that into you and I for one think that’s admirable.

7. Cats make sure they get their needs met
One of the most difficult things we can do in life is ensure we’re getting our needs met. It might sound like mad therapy speak, I know but it’s important. Are you happy? Are you fulfilled? Are you getting what you need from the people in your life or are you expending all your energy meeting the needs of others? Cats get their shit taken care of. No wonder they always look so bloody smug.

8. They kill shit
‘Hey girl, ain’t no mice up in here while I’m around.’ They are the Ryan Gosling of animals.

9. They’re beauty aware
They groom, they take care of their nails and they lover to play with eyeliner. Just not in the same way as we do. They like to chew it and hide it under the bed. I think it’s a statement against contouring.

10. They get me
I’m not ashamed to say I’d rather hang with my cats that several people I know. When I had a sinus infection, they laid on top of me, peering at my stuffed up face and occasionally offering a sympathetic paw. If they don’t sleep in the bedroom, when I open the door in the morning, they race in to say good morning. And when I’m being a grumpy writer woman, locked in my office, they sit on the spare chair and politely entertain themselves. Girl’s Best Friend, for sure.

*in fairness, my cats are crazy for attention but then I’ve turned into monsters. My bad.

A Girl’s Best FriendTitle: A Girl's Best Friend
Author: Lindsey Kelk
Series: A Girl #3
Publisher: Harper Collins
Publication Date: 5th November, 2015

A festive treat from the author of the bestselling I HEART series First Tess was a girl with a plan. Then she was a girl with a dream. Now she’s a girl who’s come back to earth with a bump. When the opportunity arises to join her best friend, Amy, in New York for Christmas, Tess jumps at the chance. The only fly in ointment is that Nick, the man who broke her heart, lives there. And Charlie, the man she turned down, has just started talking to her again. And she has just four days to take a photo for a competition that could save her career. But aside from that, everything is going to be great: it’ll be the best Christmas ever. Won’t it?

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