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Friday, 17 July 2015

REVIEW: Drop - Katie Everson

DropTitle: Drop
Author: Katie Everson
Series: None
Publisher: Walker Books
Source: Review Copy
Publication Date: 6th August, 2015

I wasn’t always like this. I know what you’re thinking: druggie, junkie, wreckhead, trashbag. But I’m not sticking needles in my arm or sleeping on the streets, or stealing to feed the habit. I’m not one of those. Carla has just moved to London and starts at yet another new school; she is desperate to fit in. Though she makes a couple of friends, she soon meets the charismatic, good-looking Finn and their whirlwind romance begins. Carla, an A student and gifted artist, lets her schoolwork slip as she enters Finn's world – a world of partying and drugs. Friends tells her that Finn is no good – even his brother, Isaac. But Isaac has an ulterior motive, doesn't he? Is either brother right for Carla?
I first heard about this book at the Walker Blogger event in June and it well and truly sucked me in. I've never been a big reader of books that focus on drug and alcohol problems. It's just never something that's grabbed my attention. Once Katie Everson had read aloud a section of her book however, I knew that I had to read it asap. The storyline is so very addictive and real. I loved the way various events were conveyed - everything was so very real. Carla is used to flitting from school to school; she sees this final move as her chance to finally fit in and fall in with the 'popular' people and Drop shows how much teens are willing to sacrifice for that five minutes of attention.

Drop is a debut, but it most certainly doesn't read like one. Everson manages to convey the lengths to which teens go to in order to fit in. She shows the pressure that's on teens from various angles - it reminded me a lot of my time in school, particularly 6th form. Peer pressure is such a terrible but real thing and I felt that this book really conveyed that. Not only does it hold a lot of important moral messages, but it's also built some very real, emotional relationships. I found myself feeling as conflicted as Carla throughout the book - I knew she was making a lot of bad decisions but Finn was most certainly an alluring character and it's guaranteed that we all knew a guy like him!

Katie Everson has produced such a strong debut. I couldn't put Drop down. It's emotional, thought-provoking and addictive. I'm looking forward to read more books by this talented lady!  

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