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Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide #2: Bookish Gifts

Following on from yesterdays Book Gift Recommendations, I'm sharing a post with you guys on literary inspired gifts for the book lovers in your life. 

Fairy Tales
Free DeliveryOnce Upon a Time Book Scrabble Pendant Jewelry - Vintage Book Necklace - Fantasy Fairy Tale Fairytale Charm
Walt Disney Quote Print Poster - Dreams Can Come True Courage To Pursue - Motivational Wall Decor - Housewarming Gift - Mint & CreamDisney Beauty and the Beast Inspired canvas shoes

I don't shave for sherlock holmes. by Elite297ASherlock Pillow cover/ Pillow case/ Throw pillow/Cushion cover/ Houseware decor/Handmade pillow/Linen pillow/ pillow cover p2
Impossible Women's Dark PajamasSherlock Cookie Cutter 221B Baker Street Door

Harry Potter
Hogwarts Alumni Clothing. Hogwarts Clothing. Harry Potter Clothing. Harry Potter Christmas. Christmas Stocking. Christmas Pullover.
marauder's map candle holder, Harry potter candle holder


  1. Okay, I would like to win the lottery so I can buy most of these things <3 Especially the fairytale objects (surprisesurprise) and Harry Potter. The Belle snow globe is the best thing everrr! The filthy muggle Christmas sweater is the best 'ugly-Christmas-sweater' I've ever seen. I think I'm going to buy it for next year. Those Pop Vinyl figures are amazing, I love the Disney ones as well. I need those book ends <3

  2. I love those book plates. I have looked at them a few times before. The only thing holding me back is that they might be awkward to store and to eat off of. I love them sooo much!!

  3. Oh gosh, I NEED SO MANY OF THESE THINGS!!!! The Beauty and the Best snowglobe is GORGEOUS. I happen to have a thing for snowglobes though haha. The Sherlock cushions and PJs are MUST-HAVES. I seriously am craving for that HP Christmas jumper AND the Marauder's Map Candle Holders ♥♥♥ And those book plates are to die for :D Loooove this post Leah ^^ xxxx

  4. The Literary Gift Co mugs are epic. I'm so going to get a "Go Away Im Marking" one for Emily


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