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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Harry Potter #83

This is a meme hosted by me here at my blog :).The aim of this meme is to share with fellow bloggers a character, spell, chapter, object or quote from the books/ films/ J. K. Rowling herself or anything Potter related! I will be picking a topic within HP for us to focus on each week and then if anyone wants to take part feel free! All I ask is to link back here, to my blog :). There is now a full list of the topics to come in the Harry Potter section of my blog here.

If there was one thing you could change about Harry Potter, what would it be?

THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO DIE :( *stamps foot*. If I could just forget that I read those pages... even looking at those pictures absolutely breaks my heart. I sobbed and sobbed reading those pages. I still can't get over it. I know war has casualties but WHY THEM?!


  1. I understand where you're coming from but I think that all these deaths, the fact that we keep mourning them, the fact that we can't let go and make peace and go on asking "Why them?" is the reason why we love the Harry Potter series so much. That's what makes it so real and so very personal to us. It wouldn't have been the same if these deaths hadn't happened. It breaks our hearts. It hurts. It's real. There is no answer. It's the same as in life. Good people die. Bad people prosper. Why? Hopefully, reading about loss, tragedy and death in books can help us cope with them in real life.

  2. I was absolutely devastated when Lupin, Tonks, and Fred died! I just kept thinking, why, why, why, why, WHY?! There aren't a lot of books that have made me cry, but Deathly Hallows was one big sob-fest for me!

  3. Gah! I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!! Their deaths were just too much, I'm STILL not over it all! I went with a death I wish I could forget too BUT I thought of Lupin and Tonks as well, they're just such brilliant characters, I wish they could have survived *cries* I know good and bad people die in war so I UNDERSTAND why JKR did it, but my heart still shatters every.single.time.

  4. I picked the same! Some sacrifices I understood, and sort of was okay with them, but the battle tally was murder :X
    Right in the feels.

  5. LOL I went with Harry Potter the character and what I wouldn't change. Silly me, misunderstood the question. Oh well. On the death, I think that's what really brings it home that this war was serious business and I respect Rowling for being able to kill off some of her most amazing characters. It definitely hurts my heart to read those pages, but I get it.

  6. I know!! Why did they have to die! Why!! All of the deaths just hurt me. Harry Potter is the series that had I was affect with the most when characters died. Usually I cry when a character dies and move on, but with HP I have yet to get over their deaths.
    If I could just save one character, just one, it would by Dobby. His was the saddest death, for me, in the whole series. I cried my eyes out when he died.

  7. Those deaths were so bad. I cried and cried, and I still burst into tears when I think about them!


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