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Monday, 14 July 2014

HPM: My Favourite Harry Potter Moments

Harry potter monthThere are so many moments that I hold dear to my heart with Potter. This stems from personal experience to book related experience to film related experience to event related experience. It's been tough trying to narrow them down but I've managed to get them down to my top ten Harry Potter Moments.

First seeing Hogwarts
This was amazing. Book and film. Everything about it was so magical and perfect. I just. I cannot even describe the feels I get from this every single time. It's the moment which makes me feel like I'm finally coming home again.

Quidditch World Cup
I loved this! It was one of the rare occurrences in the earlier books where we saw a different side to the witches and wizards. We saw them out of their institutions and we also saw foreign witches and wizards. Everything was so fresh and new and exciting. I felt like I was experiencing everything that our favourite trio were. I thought it was amazingly done in the film too. Beauuuuutiful.

The Truth of Sirius
Sirius Black hurts my heart. It's such a heartbreaking story. From what his relationship was like with his family, to his friendship with James, to his time in Azkaban, to being finally reuinted with his godson only to have everything snatched away. I can't read that scene in the Ministry without breaking my heart. I adored the scene in the Shrieking Shack though where all of the truth comes out; That we finally find out who it was that was behind the Muggle murders and behind the betrayal of the Potters. *Shivers*.

Harry and the Pensieve
The moment of revelation. We FINALLY got to find out what it was that Voldemort was up to. We finally got a glimpse of the past of the most dangerous wizard alive. We got to see his ancestors and, most importantly, his mother. I was captivated by these scenes and the strengthening of the bond between Harry and Dumbledore *tears*.

The Battle of Hogwarts
This. So much this. This is what the seven years had been building up to. Where else would this battle have taken place? We saw the best and the worst of people. Tragedy was everywhere, but there was also so much closure, romance, excitement, tension, anticipation. It was the perfect ending to this powerful series. I loved the final showdown between Harry and Voldemort. It was just perfect.

Dumbledore's Army
Hermione at her best. This idea was ingenious and I loved that the students were not going to just sit down and let Umbridge's oppressive scheme continue. I loved the strength that these characters showed in these scenes and it amazing reading the chapters. It was all so smartly done; from the coins to signal meetings, to the Room of Requirement, to seeing Harry really come into his own. Although I'd still love to punch Marietta Edgecomb in the face.

Snape's Memories.
I have a love/ hate relationship with this section of the series. I loved learning about Snape's history but I hate that he was snatched away from us as soon as we learn that he's a good guy. It breaks my heart but it's such an important part of Deathly Hallows. It's one of my favourite parts ever. It's so moving; it's a perfect ending to the Harry/ Snape feud and we finally discover who his allegiance was to.

Midnight Film Showings
Arrrrr I used to love when the films came out! Me and my partner would get ourselves tickets and mooch on over for the brilliant midnight showings. They were always so, so much fun. People were dressed up and there was such a buzz of excitement in the air. I'll never experience anything like that again. I really don't think there'll be another thing that'll connect with me as much as Potter. We're such a lovely fandom too! :)

Meeting J.K. Rowling
This doesn't need an explanation. It would be wrong to write this list and not include one of the best days of my life. Granted I freaked out and couldn't actually talk to her. I just squeaked a thank you and grinned at her like an absolute fool but it was AMAZING. She is amazing. She's so lovely and down to earth. I hope I get the chance to meet her again. I may even squeeze out a sentence next time.

Devouring The Deathly Hallows
In just a few hours. I should have savoured it, but I needed it. I needed to read it like I need air to breathe. I couldn't put it down. It's one of the most perfect books I've ever read. I just sat on a bed and read until I was finished. I cried so many times but it was just the most perfect conclusion to the most amazing series. There was so many bittersweet moments, so many heartbreaking moments, so many happy moments. It was just phenomenal. My favourite book to date.

That's my list! What are your favourite Harry Potter memories? 


  1. Love this ^^ Oh man I just have all the love and got ALL THE FEELS from reading this Leah!!

    Yes seeing Hogwarts for the first time in the books and in the films feels like going home. It's just so perfect in every.single.way!

    The Quidditch World Cup was beyond cool because as you say: we got to see wizards in their element, in the real world. It was new and exciting for Harry but I felt the very same taking it all in :D

    Sirius!! ♥ I won't even get into it, just thinking about his life and his faith makes my heart hurt. I just adore him so much and I wish his life could have been better. BUT I love that he got to know Harry and Harry got to have a proper family...even for a short time *sobs*

    Harry and the Pensive was what I'd been waiting for for 6 books. One on one time with Dumbledore. Sharing what D had learned about Tom Riddle really did strengthen their bond with one another and I was riveted to learn how Tom became the Dark Lord. It was brilliant!

    Hogwarts Battle. You're right: we'd been building towards that for 7 books. It went down exactly the way it should have and being at Hogwarts was clearly perfection. I just wish we hadn't lost so many wonderful characters along the way :*(

    The DA was so wonderful. I adored how Hermione encouraged Harry to teach everyone and I LOVED that he was so naturally good at it :D

    Snapes Memories break my heart, even though I wanted to punch him for 7 books, it felt right to learn everything when we did and the way we did. Sure he was vile but he was always Dumbledore's man and I respect him a lot for that!

    The Midnight Showings definitely deserve a spot here, nothing else will ever come close to the excitement of seeing those films for the first time!

    Meeting JKR -I can't even. It must have been INCREDIBLE!! Don't feel bad though, I doubt I would have been able to do much more than smile like an idiot at her either. I would have lost it afterwards though LOL

    Devouring DH. Yup ^^ I inhaled that one too. That's why the second I was finished, I launched into a series re-read. I needed more, I needed to take it all in a second time. Slower. Of course, I ended up blasting through the re-read that time too. Which resulted in another series re-read HAHAHA! DH is my favorite book too ♥ I'll never get enough.

    Wonderful post Leah, you did a brilliant job picking out your favorite HP moments :D xxxx

  2. I loved reading about Hogwarts like Harry - like first time seer and feeler of it all :) We were just as new to it all as he was so we got the full blast of its newness :D I loved how they did it in the first movie, the lake view and all. So amazing!
    I also loved the QWC because it shows they have awesome events. I always loved sports so it was even more awesome to see and read it, and they did a pretty good job in the movies. Too bad it was short!
    Sirius breaks my heart, too, so much bad luck, he and Harry both deserved better.
    I wish I experienced midnight screenings and meeting JKR, that's my life goal hah :D Hopefully some day :)
    Happy reading!

  3. Oh my God you met J.K.? I'm so jealous right now! If I'd have lived in the UK while the books came out I would've stalked that woman to the end of the land to get her to sign my books! Dumbledore's Army was one of my favourite things about Harry Potter, especially because of the whole 'All of the great wizards started out as us, students' thing because it just spoke so much for the series that it thought everyone could be a hero! Agh, feelings! I never went to midnight screenings but I went to midnight readings etc. when the books came out! They were amazing because bookshops got so into it! There's be cauldrons with "magic potions" and everyone'd be dressed up and everything was decorated! Harry Potter is just a beautiful thing, isn't it? And both Sirius and Snape absolutely broke my heart, although it was Remus Lupin that forever cracked it! God that man's life was a tragedy! Great list :)
    Juli @ Universe in Words


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