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Friday, 25 July 2014

HPM: Harry Potter Book Covers

Harry potter monthI'm a little late posting this post. It was supposed to be up on Monday but with working full time at the moment I haven't had a chance to squeeze much in. I really wanted to showcase as many covers as I could so I wanted to make sure I had enough time to get it all done! Today's post, as you may have guessed, is all about the various Harry Potter US and UK covers over the years. I'm going to share them all with you and then tell you which one is my favourite so far and why!

Bloomsbury UK Originals
This is a picture of my own copies. These are the first British covers and I absolutely adore them. There will never be any edition that'll replace these for me. I love everything, even the fact that a younger me decided to colour in the letters on Goblet of Fire.
Scholastic US Originals
Don't hate me, but I've never been a fan of these ones! Harry doesn't look quite right to me and I find the colours a little too blocky. I can't pinpoint what it is exactly (the drawings maybe?) but they don't sit right with me. Sorry!
Bloomsbury UK Adult
I like these. They're so dramatic and really encapsulate what the books are all about. I love the darkness of the covers and how the images are so crisp and clear.
Scholastic Limited Edition
Harry Potter box set

I ADORE THESE SO MUCH IT HURTS. I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE. Everything about these covers are bloody beautiful. From the actual front covers to the making up of Hogwarts on the spines. I love them so much.

Bloomsbury Adult (Latest)
GOF Adult Bloomsbury 2013Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
 I wasn't a fan of these initially. I only ever glanced at them and thought of them as boring... then I went to a talk held by the designer at LBF. It was then that I started to really see all of the detail in the background and hearing about how he did it... with wooden print blocks. It's insane!

Bloomsbury Kids UK (White)

Nope. Don't like these at all. Probably my least favourite. I find them so bland, they just don't jump out at you at all.

Bloomsbury Kids UK (Coming Soon)
Azkaban cover
I'm so excited about these covers. So far I absolutely adore them and can't wait to get my hands on this gorgeous boxset. I'm going to see the illustrator at the Bath Kids Lit festival in October so very excited about this!

My favourite covers.... ugh. A very hard decision to make. On meaning, I'd say that the UK Originals are my favourite. They're the ones that mean so much to me. No others will ever be as special. I think on design though, it's between the limited edition US and the coming soon UK covers. Until I see the rest of the UK ones, I'm going to go for the Limited Edition Scholastic ones. The detail is amazing and they are absolutely perfect. I need them so badly. They're currently out of stock on TBD so that's made me really sad but ONE DAY I will have them!
What are your favourite covers?
I haven't discussed the other editions so please feel free to link me to them! I'd love to see all of the different covers! 


  1. Slovenian versions have Scholastic US covers so that's what I knew by Harry Potter. I read 5 books in Slovene with these and I own the first one, too, before I knew there's more than one cover. I don't like UK versions much in general. I prefer US ones because they're so bold and colorful.
    I do love UK Adult ones by Bloomsbury, I have my English HP in those, They're dark but gorgeous because they're exactly to the point. Love them.
    LE ones are amazing, with the spine image even more so!
    New Bloomsbury adult have always been gorgeous to me, bold and awesome, and like you said since LBF... even more so! They're amazingly well done!
    The signature one in white aren't my favorites either. Empty, bland, cold. In its own way nice art and all but never liked them...
    The ones still to come are gorgeous as well, so full and warm, cannot wait to see them all! :D

  2. Scholastic Limited Edition and Bloomsbury Kids UK are my favorite editions. I already own two sets of HP books and I feel ridiculous to get more, but they are just SO PRETTY.

  3. I have to admit, I have a soft spot for ALL the original HP covers. I own the adult UK ones and I still love them very dearly. I wasn't very keen on the Scholastic Originals OR the Bloomsbury originals when they first came out, only cause I was in my 20's and thought myself too grown up for the children's covers. Now though, I want to own both of those sets as well, but I have a soft spot for the Scholastic original ones. Ouf of all the new covers, the new Scholastic are my absolute favorites. They're beyond stunning, I love the moments they chose to feature and THE SPINES make up HOGWARTS!!! NEED. The new Bloomsbury adult ones are growing on me as well! I want them ALL :D

  4. Ahhhhh all the pretties. Like you, the original holds a special place in my heart. I CANT BELIEVE YOU DEFACED YOURS. I also love how the Scholastic looks in that box. Im very excited for the new ones as well!

  5. I want those limited edition ones so bad!! I have the original UK covers too. I also really dislike the white cover ones. They're just so meh and boring.

  6. I love them all! I try to collect all the different HP covers, but if I have to choose I think the Scholastic Limited Edition ones are awesome! http://sugarandsnark.co.za/?p=11768

  7. I want to buy the Harry Potter scholastic set SO BAD! Really can't justify it though :/

  8. I've got a mixture of the Bloomsbury originals and Bloomsbury adults on my shelves (yes I confess, my HP books don't all match!) and I love both. I'm with you though, I don't love the Scholastic kids ones either. Maybe we're just biased because we grew up with the Bloomsbury?

    I have to admit, those Scholastic ones are GORGEOUS. But oh it would dive me crazy that they're American. But the spines....oh dear, might have to give in.


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