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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Harry Potter MOTW Needs You!

Hey guys! A quick post to ask for you lovely peoples assistance. There are roughly two months worth of topics upcoming on my weekly meme; Harry Potter Moment of the Week. I really want to make sure everyone is getting a chance to talk about what they really want with Potter so I'm opening this up to you guys too!
I'm looking for some new topics Potter related. It can be absolutely anything! Here's a link to what we've had in the past and if you guys want to go again on one we've done previously let me know. I'll also be brain storming alongside you guys so please let me know what you fancy! There's no limit, throw as many ideas as me as you want - the more the merrier!
Thanks guys and I look forward to seeing what we can all come up with :).


  1. - Judging by your family, would you be Muggleborn, Half- or Pureblood?
    - Quibbler or Daily Prophet?
    - Where would you want to live as a wizard? With Muggles (but 'hidden'), only wizards, or in a mixed company of conscious and accepting Muggles?

  2. I'll see if I can come up with something!

  3. -If there is one thing you could change about HP, what would it be? (Like reverse a certain character death)
    -What pet would you take with you (only the ones that are allowed like a toad/cat)
    -Could you ever be a double spy like Severus?
    -Which Weasley character would you be?
    -How do you feel about the HP cast from the movie? Any actor that doesn't fit with the image you had (courtesy to Gillian who started this discussion on Twitter)

  4. - Favourite magical pet?
    - Favourite dragon species? (might be a bit difficult)
    - Best Minerva McGonaggal line (there are SOO many)
    - Favourite Death-Eater (if any)
    - Biggest betrayal?

    That's all I can come up with :(

  5. I always like the favorite 'character' moments cause it gives us a chance to talk about characters that don't get enough attention...so considering the ones we've done we could do 'favorite Dumbledore moment', Luna, Neville, Sirius, Lupin, Snape, Mr Weasley, Mrs Weasley,McGonagall, Voldemort (!)

    I like Ula's one about considering your family would you be muggle, half-blood or pure blood^^ and where we'd want to live as Wizards

    I also like Mel's idea for changing one thing about HP AND the HP cast from the movie

    We could also do scariest moment, favorite spot to chill at Hogwarts, best joke from the series, worst death, favorite Trelawny prophecy, best DADA teacher, best Hogwarts teacher, What would your Amortentia smell like? What would your Patronus be? What would your Boggart be? What would your Animagus form be? Favorite book featured within the series...Favorite House Colour combination? (LOL)...thant's all I got for now, but I might be back 8-D

    1. Dude awesome ideas! :D As are everyone's else :D Few weeks saved ;)

  6. Love everything that people have added!! Such a fun feature!

  7. I love all of your ideas! You're all beautiful :D thank you!

    - Character you wish you'd invented
    - Character you would erase if you could
    - Most anticipated moment
    - If you could open a shop on Diagon Alley, what would it be and why?
    - Who would you ask to the Yule Ball?
    - You have to battle a dragon in the Triwizard Tournement. Which one is it?
    - Which Death Eater would you be?
    - If you had to use one, which Unforgivable Curse would you use?

    + Lots of fave character moments and free weeks.

    1. Awesome! I look forward to all of these :D


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