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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Harry Potter Month: Intro Post

Harry potter month

The lovely Faith @ Student Spy Glass is hosting a month dedicated entirely to celebrating Harry Potter! The month will consist of discussion posts from  Faith and everyone taking part, will include a house cup with a chance to earn points and we're all sorted into our own houses! If you're a Harry Potter lover, I really don't understand why you wouldn't be taking part. I'm so excited about it! Here is the schedule so far:

Tuesday 1st July
Thursday 3rd July
Saturday 5th July
Monday 7th July
Thursday 10th July
Friday 11th July
Saturday 12th July
Monday 14th July
Thursday 17th July
  • Leah will be sharing her bravest character moment
  • I’ll be joining in and sharing what I think of as the bravest character moments
Saturday 19th July
Sunday 20th July
Monday 21st July
  • Leah compares the book covers and considers her favourite
Thursday 24th July
  • Leah’s moment this week is all about her favourite Ron moment
  • I”ll also be talking about my favourite Ron moment (even though he’s absolutely NOT one of my favourite characters!)
Saturday 26th July
Thursday 31st July


  1. This sounds so fun! July's gonna be a busy month for me but I'm going to try to squeeze in a least a couple of Harry related posts. I look forward to reading all of yours! Sounds like you've got some great posts planned!

  2. Ahhh good idea Leah, I should have done an intro post for this too! You're so smart! Anyways, I am so, so excited about HP month, I can't wait to start reading other people's posts for it :D

  3. HARRY POTTER! I will be checking this all out!!


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