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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Harry Potter #70

This is a meme hosted by me here at my blog :).The aim of this meme is to share with fellow bloggers a character, spell, chapter, object or quote from the books/ films/ J. K. Rowling herself or anything Potter related! I will be picking a topic within HP for us to focus on each week and then if anyone wants to take part feel free! All I ask is to link back here, to my blog :). There is now a full list of the topics to come in the Harry Potter section of my blog here.

Best Shop in Diagon Alley
This is a tough one. What I wouldn't give for a day in Diagon Alley. I'd have to purchase one of EVERYTHING. It sounds like heaven. From a trip to Ollivanders to get my wand sorted, popping over to Madam Malkins for my robes, a quick trip to Flourish and Blotts for books, Eeylops Owl Emporium for my owl and don't forget Quality Quidditch Supplies! I think if I had to pick though, it'd be:

Ollivanders Wand Shop
This is the place where you officially become a wizard. This is where you're paired with the most important and special magical equipment that you will ever have. I know all of us fellow Potterheads will have dreamt of the day that we get to go and get our very own wands, and despite being 23, I'm still adamant that my time will come! There was always something so special about Ollivanders. The descriptions in the books were amazing and awe inspiring and the films just solidified that for me. Love, love, love!

How about you guys? :)


  1. It was difficult to choose one shop! :) I'd love to visit all of them and get something from every shop, just as you said. :D But I guess we all would! ;D

  2. I also had a hard time narrowing down a single pick for this week's topic; I'd absolutely have to visit EVERY shop in Diagon Alley! Ollivanders is definitely THE shop, though; I love the scene in the book and the movie when Harry gets his wand. :D

  3. We picked the same :D although I also had a hard time picking just ONE shop >.< YES I would NEED to visit EVERY.SINGLE.SHOP in DA...and then start all over again...and again...

    I agree with you that Ollivander's is where you really become a wizard or witch! And don't worry, I'm 34 and still waiting for my owl LOL Fantastic pick Leah ♥

  4. Ollivanders is definitely my second. Such a wonderful experience it would be to get the wand that chooses you. It also seems a bit like a library with the boxes lining every wall. You're right though, I would have to visit every single shop and Gringotts.

  5. Ollivanders would be so amazing - I definitely agree, at 23 I still want a wand just as badly as I did as a kid!

    It didn't quite top my list though, because for window shopping it could be depressing - you go in and fall in love with a particular wand and then it doesn't choose you...could be heartbreaking!

  6. Olivander's is awesome and I'd be in there all the time even if I didn't need anything, just because it's so fascinating! I'd probably buy some polish or something haha, rub the wand into nonexistence so I could come some more :D


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