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Monday, 2 June 2014

REVIEW: The Apple Tart of Hope - Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

The Apple Tart of Hope
 Sarah Moore Fitzgerald 
The second sensational novel from Irish author, Sarah Moore Fitzgerald, following her debut, BACK TO BLACKBRICK, perfect for fans of Annabel Pitcher and Siobhan Dowd.

Oscar Dunleavy, who used to make the world's most perfect apple tarts, is missing, presumed dead. No-one seems too surprised, except for Meg, his best friend, and his little brother Stevie. Surrounded by grief and confusion, Meg and Stevie are determined to find out what happened to Oscar, and together they learn about loyalty and friendship and the power of never giving up hope. 
*Received in exchange for an honest review*
*Thank you, Orion*

Not only is this one of my favourite books of 2014 so far, but it's also my favourite book cover so far this year! The image above does not do it justice. The book is absolutely gorgeous. It's bright, it's colourful and it echoes the hope that's displayed in this book. I love that the dark bike and the dark silhouette of the boy on the spine contrasts with the colourful background. It echoes the subject matter in this book so well. The Apple Tart of Hope is one of those reads that I'm glad was brought to my attention by Orion Books; it's stunning, it's emotional, it's so full of hope and I absolutely fell head over heels in love with it.

Meg and Oscar are such lovable characters. I just wanted to bundle them up and hold them tight. They are both so adorable but so real. I love the friendship that they have; chatting to each other through their bedroom windows. There's something so sweet and so pure about their friendship. Things are turned quickly on their head when Meg has to move to New Zealand for half a year, and that is where The Apple Tart of Hope starts to get really interesting. As readers we get an insight into Oscar's school life without Meg, and Meg's life without Oscar. Things take a turn for the worst and this is where we end up at the beginning of the novel. Oscar is missing, presumably dead, and this novel shows the journey of Meg and Oscar's brother Stevie as they try to uncover the mystery of Oscar's disappearance.

If I could I'd make everyone I know read this book. I fell in love with it from the first page to the last. I couldn't get enough and I wasn't ready to say bye to these characters. The world building is brilliant and the character development is perfect. I felt like I knew them and I found myself hoping for that happily ever after - get reading to find out if I got it! Oscar is such an unusual and rare breed of person; I loved him immediately, quirks and everything. Meg is the perfect partner in crime. Their personalities shone through the pages and it'll definitely be one of those books that I'll keep going back to. A brilliant read! 

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