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Friday, 6 June 2014

GUEST POST: Books to Help You Through Mental Health

Matt Clifton is here today to recommend books to help you through mental health issues! 

Often I hear about Mental Health, I either hear about the condition because I have it and know how challenging the condition can be to live with, or I am approached on my website - Beat Depression Together - by other people for my advice, support or to share my journey to date. I am happy to help other people where I can by sharing my journey, but what shows here is that many people do not understand Mental Health and I say it is time for it to be understood! Why should those who experience Mental Health go through it alone and not be understood? It’s hard to cope with Mental Health and not having the support of close friends or family can makes things a lot worse for people like ‘us’, so it is about time to help those who do not understand Mental Health, understand it and that could be through an informative talk or perhaps through purchasing a book and there are several books which can help you to understand Mental Health much better, although not as well as actually having it can, of course.

1) The first book which I would like to share with you, is my own book- ‘Teenage Depression Versus Me’. My book is available to be pre-ordered from Britain’s Next Bestseller.

My book shares with you, my journey of depression, anxiety and OCD since the young age of 14 years and the failed understanding of my friends and secondary school. I understand that nowadays, many more teenagers are becoming increased to getting depression and the cutbacks are making it ever so much harder to access counselling, so my book was edited and hopefully published with your support. I do not want others to feel alone or not understood, like I felt and my book shares the positives and negatives of my Mental Health, as well as what it was like to live with and the stigma I endured, which was not fair or nice. I also discuss the bullying I received and the attempts of suicide, my life was not easy feeling low constantly, but knowing I help others through my website and hopefully, book, has made it feel easier to live with as I feel helping others with Mental Health feel understood and valued, is of a vital importance.

2) The second book which I believe from my own experience of Mental Health, that really does help open a person’s eyes into seeing the challenge Mental Health brings to a life is: ‘I Had a Black Dog’ by Matthew Johnstone, this book is full of true-feelings and Matthew has depression himself.

I Had a Black Dog: His Name Was DepressionI Had a Black Dog shares experiences of Depression and gives accurate, true-life feelings and reactions on how having depression can change a person, I really would recommend this book because the text is so honest and the illustration is very mind-taking. What this book also shows, is that you can find hope in living with depression. Those who have depression, like myself are tired of hearing people tell us “get over it”, they have no clue how hard we may want to “get over it”, yet we cannot always do it that easily, yet ‘I Had a Black Dog understands this and supports sufferers through understanding. You can purchase this eye-opening book here.

3) The third book I would suggest is worth a read is: The A-Z Guide to Good Mental Health, You Don’t Have to Be Famous to Have Manic Depression. This book certainly does not hold back in what it shares.

You Don't Have To Be Famous To Have Manic Depression: The Insider's Guide To Mental HealthMaybe you’re afraid to ask certain questions about Mental Health or don’t know what to say to somebody suffering from Mental Health? Or perhaps, you’re seeking to find some comfort in knowing you’ll be ‘alright’ with your journey with Mental Health, well this book answers all of that and much, much more! Mental Health sufferers can sometimes deny they have the condition, because they do not want to accept it, they automatically think ‘mental’ as in mad and this is how I was perceived when I told some ‘friends’ at first, the stigma was horrible, but denial is addressed in this book, as are: the symptoms of Mental Health, relationships, self-esteem, suicide, creativity, alcoholism as well as addiction. I strongly suggest this book if you cannot get to terms with Mental Health, you may find it relatable and helpful. You can purchase this here.

Those are just three examples of a good read I can suggest to you. I know my own book inside out obviously and can tell you, that without a doubt I am honest and share my journey along with my feelings and emotions, you may be able to relate to this and I have provided a recap on certain event which triggered ‘lower’ days in my teenage life, again this might help to build coping strategies. So whether you are experiencing depression, anxiety, bipolar, OCD or any other Mental Health condition, remember that there are always people around to help you, although you may feel alone, remember you are not! Find comfort in reading and talking, I’ve built the support website mentioned in the first book to help others and talking about Mental Health does help, trust me!

Blog by: Matt Clifton @mattcliffy25 –Author of Teenage Depression Versus Me

About Matt Clifton
I'm Matt Clifton, 21 years old and a Business Management Student (degree level). I have had Mental Health since the age of 14 years old, depression, anxiety and OCD in particular. After not being understood by secondary school, I left without any GCSES and was told by them I would fail! However, I didn't want my life to be a failure because of my Mental Health and the bullying I endured, so I attended a local college and studied business, I was the head of the class for my three years there and studied a BTEC First Diploma in Business and then a BTEC National Extended Diploma in Business, achieving distinction grades! I was understood and being understood is a vital part of living with Mental Health, this is why I built my support website: beatdepressiontogether.webeden.co.uk in January 2012 because I didn't want others to feel alone, be told they would fail due to having Mental Health and also, I didn't want them to feel alone and have the stigma I had. If people understood more about mental health, it would really benefit those who live with it, so that's my goal, to open the world's eyes to understanding mental health, supporting those with it through my website and chat service I offer through email and by shining a spotlight on increasing awareness of mental health through my blog posts: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/matt-clifton/

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  1. Oooh I'll have to check these ones out for myself - they could also be good reads to recommend to my clients who are going through something like this!! I love that Teenage Depression Versus Me specifically deals with depression for teens - you don't find a lot of good books like that for teens often enough! I'll be checking out all of these though, thanks for the recs ^^


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