'Reading a book is like re-writing it for yourself. You bring to a novel, anything you read, all your experience of the world. You bring your history and you read it in your own terms.'- Angela Carter

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Dewey's Readathon: Hour 0

Readathon Q & A
1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today?
I'm reading from South Wales, UK! The weather is perfect for a readathon. It's all drizzly and grey - perfect excuse to curl up with books.

2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to?
Glaze by Kim Curran. I adore her books so I'm really looking forward to this new one!

3) Which snack are you most looking forward to?
Here's where you see how disorganised I am - I don't have any planned. I'm just going to eat various things throughout the day.

4) Tell us a little something about yourself!
I'm a 23 year old bookworm who WILL get a publicity job in publishing! I read all sorts of books, but primarily YA. It has a soft spot in my heart.

5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to?
This is my first ever readathon so I'm just looking forward to it generally, but especially the mini challenges!


  1. I like how positive you are! Glad you have the perfect reading weather, it is of course absolutely beautiful outside here today, but was nice and rainy yesterday. I forgot about snacks too, but I have been promised a donut, so I am happy! Good luck with the read-a-thon!

  2. I was disappointed that it was sunny this morning. I was all WTF it's meant to be grey and horrible so I can curl up indoors and read. it is starting to look a bit grimmer now though ;)

    Keep it up.

  3. This is my first readathon too. I also didn't have any snacks planned! Oops... I didn't even think about it. Oh well!!!


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