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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Boy Meets Boy - David Levithan

Boy Meets Boy - David Levithan
Boy Meets Boy
This is the story of Paul, a sophomore at a high school like no other: The cheerleaders ride Harleys, the homecoming queen used to be a guy named Daryl (she now prefers Infinite Darlene and is also the star quarterback), and the gay-straight alliance was formed to help the straight kids learn how to dance. 

When Paul meets Noah, he thinks he’s found the one his heart is made for. Until he blows it. The school bookie says the odds are 12-to-1 against him getting Noah back, but Paul’s not giving up without playing his love really loud. His best friend Joni might be drifting away, his other best friend Tony might be dealing with ultra-religious parents, and his ex-boyfriend Kyle might not be going away anytime soon, but sometimes everything needs to fall apart before it can really fit together right.

This is a happy-meaningful romantic comedy about finding love, losing love, and doing what it takes to get love back in a crazy-wonderful world.
Boy Meets Boy is my first read for LGBT April and awww, Levithan NEVER disappoints. This was another novel which shows the conflicts of coming to terms with who you are. Levithan displays the variety degrees of acceptance that Tony, Paul, Noah and Kyle go through when coming to terms with being gay. I liked seeing the different perspectives and seeing how all four of the guys handled their sexuality with varying degrees of acceptance from those that they love.

The synopsis above is a different one to what I have on my book. I can't seem to find the actual one I have on my book online but it feels much more true to the story. This synopsis makes it sound much more dramatic than it is. Boy Meets Boy explores a variety of sexualities and it was refreshing to see that the other school kids were entirely accepting of homosexuality and gender transformations. It's something that I hope we manage to achieve soon. It's a work in progress! I think what was most moving was Paul, Noah, Ted etcs helping Tony in his fight for acceptance from his religious parents. I can imagine it's something that the LGBT community face daily, especially those with religious parents. I loved how Boy Meets Boy showed hope though, Tony's relationship with his family isn't a lost cause; they're working on it. It's such a positive book: striving for acceptance and small positive results as the book goes on.

Boy Meets Boy isn't just a book about boy relationships. It's also about friendship and the troubles that we've all been through in school. It shows how the smallest things can cause the biggest rifts in friendships. I'm hoping things get sorted out for these characters post-book (lol as if they're real) and that they all start to accept each others own choices. This book was beautifully written and explored so many issues with such sensitivity. I really loved it and can't recommend it enough. I'm glad this was my first #LGBTApril read! 


  1. I'm glad you liked this one! I've heard so much about David Levithan and I definitely want to read one of his books for this month. I've heard mixed things about Boy Meets Boy so I'm not sure but I think I'll have to look into it more after this positive review! Happy reading. :D

  2. I read David Levithan's Everyday and I LOVED it
    So i hope all his books are just as great
    thanks for the awesome review
    Your reader,

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed it :) the book sounds like something I would love, kids accepting who they are is a great theme and I'm adding it to my TBR-pile


  4. I am so glad you enjoyed it, I liked it so much, and it was so refreshing there was an actual love story, no problems, troubles, nothing dramatic going on. :)

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  5. Yay for Levithan! Its weird that you couldnt find your blurb anywhere. But I agree that it is very much a positive book. Infinite Darlene is my favourite!


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