'Reading a book is like re-writing it for yourself. You bring to a novel, anything you read, all your experience of the world. You bring your history and you read it in your own terms.'- Angela Carter

Saturday, 11 January 2014

2014 Bookish Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I'm a bit late with this post since we're almost two weeks into 2014 now, but I figure better late than never! It's been a busy few weeks. I've gotten myself a part time job in a library (such a relief), my partner's been sitting his Masters exams and I've been catching up on ARC's that are due out this month. This has meant lots of reading and not a lot of computer time! ANYWAY, onto the resolutions. I've loved reading everyone's resolutions for this, so here are mine:

  • Read 130 books this year. I managed to go over my goal of 100 books last year and read 124 so I'm hoping that I can reach 130 this year.
  • Read more Contemporary YA. I've been sticking to just the paranormal and dystopian novels so far, but I've read a handful of Contemporary YA's as well and really looking forward to reading more of them! Requests are totally welcome, bit out of my depth!
  • Cut back on NetGalley. Seriously, my pile is ridiculous. It needs to stop.
  • Complete all challenges! I managed GR and Dystopia but failed miserably at others.
  • Keep on top of ARC's. 
  • Read my own books. I sometimes go months without reading any book that I bought for myself. I really need to just read for myself sometimes rather than as feedback.
  • Make more discussion posts. The past few months I've fallen into the trap of reviews and meme's only. I need to get out of this slump and start bringing the blog alive again!

Well here are the ones I can think of for now. I've no doubt that more will be added to this as the year goes on :). Happy 2014 everyone!


  1. Great resolutions! I must get on my NG pile, too, and read more for myself, as well. Discussions posts are a must for me as well, and I hate that I forgot what I wanted to chat about just recently. I feel like I have too many memes.
    I wish I'd read as much as you, I am currently in a slump, I hope I get back on my feet soon.
    Hope you can make these work!

  2. Good luck on your resolutions! I need to cut back on requesting at Netgalley as well, at least until I get caught up on my books! I've pretty much just been focusing on those books the last week and I hope to keep that up! :)

    Denise @ Dandelionn Wine Book Blog

  3. Grat resolutions. Mine are similar. Good luck! I think the hardest one for me is easing up on NG! But then I feel so guilty if I don't read it in a timely manner!

  4. Ooh, I always wanted to work in a library when I was younger! Congratulations on the job.

    Good luck with your resolutions. I really like your one about reading your own books, I know exactly how you feel with that.


  5. Wonderful resolutions Leah^^ Congrats on reading 124 books last year, wow! '13 was the first year that I actually fell short ofmy GR reading challenge, so I'm hoping to come back and nail it this year :) I've been really wanting to read come contemporary books too but man I can't seem to shake this fantasy/paranormal kick lately...I just can't shake it lol And I completely agree with you about reading more 'me' books - focusing on just review books got me in a pretty big reading slump at the end of last year o.O A little more balance helped a great deal :) Oh and ditto on more discussion posts too hehe Best of luck with all of these xx


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