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Thursday, 28 November 2013

REVIEW: I Heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk

I Heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk
I Heart Christmas (I Heart, #6)
Angela’s planning her very own fairytale of New York…

• Enormous Christmas tree
• Eggnog
• Eccentric British traditions
• Gorgeous man

But Santa’s throwing her a few curveballs – new job (as if it’s not mental enough already), new baby-craze from her best friend Jenny, and Alex determined they should grow up and settle down. Once friends start turning up uninvited on her doorstep (and leading her astray), can Angela really have a merry little Christmas? So much for happy holidays – something’s got to give…

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*Thank you Harper Collins*

Ahhhhh this was the perfect book to get me into the festive mood again! This is my first experience of Lindsey Kelk's writing and I will definitely be reading more. I Heart Christmas is a laugh a minute and entirely addictive. I finished it in just over a day! It's one of my rare ventures into the area of 'chick-lit' but I'm so glad I did for this gem. Angela is such a very real and hysterical character. I can see myself in her far too much for my liking - right down to the clumsiness and the 'OMG everything is going to end right now' attitude. It's broadened my horizons a little and convinced me to look further into the comedic side of the 'chick-lit' genre.

I loved the realistic side of this book. Granted a lot of the events are over inflated into something insane but it is also definitely plausible. It captured the mania of preparing for Christmas perfectly and it's left me feeling so excited for Christmas too! This book was so incredibly funny and, although it deals with a few tough subjects, it was the perfect light-hearted read. I loved all of the characters, even the evil cow Cici made me laugh. I could picture everything in this novel so vividly. It makes me wonder why this series hasn't got a TV series? It's very Sex and the City-esque and would be hysterical to watch.

The relationships between the characters are fantastic. They are basically indestructible despite their arguments. There's a strong sense of the importance of female friendship here and I loved it. The characters are entirely addictive and you're guaranteed to know someone similar to all of them in your life. I Heart Christmas is a brilliant read and I'm looking forward to snapping up the other five of the I Heart series :).


  1. Oh, nice one! I love the whole 'I Heart' books. Must put this on my list now, :D.

  2. Oh this review made my day!! I've seen this one around and tbh I've been looking for a Holiday read since last year but since I don't read contemporary or chick-lit anymore, I thought I was out of luck! This just sounds like a really wonderful read for this time of year :D I love how you described the humor, the addictiveness of it AND the girlfriend bonding! Adding this one to my TBR now, wonderful review ^^


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