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Saturday, 26 October 2013

REVIEW: The Queen of Dreams - Peter Hamilton

The Queen of Dreams - Peter Hamilton
The Queen of Dreams
Taggie and Jemima are summer holidaying on their dad's farm, when they see a white squirrel wearing glasses . . . and soon after their father is captured and trapped in a faerie world that's fallen to Darkness.

But why would anybody want to kidnap boring old Dad, especially the dreaded King of Night? Could it be that their family isn't quite as ordinary as they believed?
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I was very surprised to receive this book in the post! Having never read any of Peter F. Hamilton's works, I didn't know what to expect of his first venture into children's literature. It's been years since I've delved into 'proper' children's literature too, so I was a little weary and was wondering whether I was now too old to fully appreciate the book. My assumptions and worries were all completely wrong - I loved this book! It was incredibly sweet and very Enid Blyton-esque. I loved how Hamilton built up this little world and I completely devoured the book.

The tale follows the adventures of the young sisters Taggie and Jemima as they try and save their father from the King of Night. Throughout their journey they discover information about their true identity. They're royalty with incredible powers: Taggie is able to use magic and manipulate light, Jemima is a seer. Taggie and Jemima befriend other magical creatures which join them on their quest to rid the world of the dreaded King of Night and his alleys.

I loved these little developments. I felt like I was back in my childhood delving into this magical world. This book absolutely deserves to be a success and I really hope it is! Hamilton's talent shines through his work and I am very eager to pick up his adult books. The world building was brilliant as was the character building. Really cannot fault the book - it'll be a book I read to my future children that's for sure :).

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