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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

REVIEW: Letters From a Murderer - John Matthews

 Letters From a Murderer - John Matthews
Letters From a Murderer
New York, 1891: a rapidly changing city, torn between lamplight and electric light, where the burgeoning steel and railway industries attract a flood of humanity from every corner of the globe, fuelling cut-throat gangs, corruption and vice.

A prostitute is found brutally murdered. Immediately fear starts to spread. The victim bears the same hallmarks as Jack the Ripper's recent killing spree in England. Could it be that the Ripper has crossed the Atlantic to fresh killing grounds? Or is this simply a copycat murder?

To solve the case, one of the original English Ripper pathologists, Finley Jameson, is teamed up with Joseph Argenti, one of the new 'untouchable' detectives, hand-picked by a New York Mayor eager to fight corruption.

But Michael Tierney, the city's leading gangster, has his own ideas about how the city should be run. And as the body-count rises, and Jameson & Argenti are taunted by the killer in open letters, they find themselves fighting not just to save the next victim, but for the city's very soul.
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A thrilling tale of murder, corruption and trust, Letters From a Murderer is an exciting and captivating read and entirely unputdownable. As soon as Caroline from Angry Robot sent out the email displaying the cover and blurb of this book I just knew that I had to have it. It sounded so incredibly dark, mysterious and chilling that I could not pass it by. Needless to say, this book exceeded my expectations and I really hope that we get to read more of the adventures of Finley Jameson and Joseph Argenti.

This book is incredibly reminiscent of those such as Sherlock Holmes and I lapped it up. I loved it. I loved the chemistry between Argenti and Jameson and just could not wait to read more about them. I loved that Jameson was so eccentric and that both of these characters had such depth to them. With both characters with troubled pasts, I was eager to discover why they reacted in certain ways in certain situations within the novel. I loved that they were both complete opposites, just like Sherlock and Watson, but that they worked so incredibly well together.

The addition of the depiction of the sleazy underbelly of the city of New York was brilliant and added further excitement to the plot. Not only must Jameson and Argenti discover the identity of the Ripper, but they must also battle against copy-cat murders and gang members. An incredibly dark and realistic tale, it was so addictive to read and I found myself praying that they would succeed in preventing these murders. 

I loved how Matthews depicted the corruption within the police force. It displayed how difficult it can be to solve something so awful under such pressure and with certain officers working against the cause. It showed the importance of appearance and reputation, displaying the true characters of several officers and the motives behind their actions. I cannot praise this book enough. A mix of neo-Victorian fiction, Sherlock Holmes and plenty of action, Letters From a Murderer made for a completely mind-blowing tale and left me wanting even more from the pair. 

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  1. Sherlock you say? Maybe I will have to look this one up nevertheless. :) Glad you enjoyed it!


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