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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Harry Potter #25

This is a meme hosted by me here at my blog :).The aim of this meme is to share with fellow bloggers a character, spell, chapter, object or quote from the books/ films/ J. K. Rowling herself or anything Potter related! I will be picking a topic within HP for us to focus on each week and then if anyone wants to take part feel free! All I ask is to link back here, to my blog :). There is now a full list of the topics to come here.  

           I want to be ____ in Quidditch, and why?
I would definitely be Madam Hooch. Put me on a broom and put me up against bludgers and I'd be knackered! We would never win. I'm better off being the referee. It fits in as well with the fact that although I do shoot (archery) I spend most of my time coaching my partner. He shoots for Wales so all is well! So, I think this is what I I would definitely be in Quidditch haha. Although ideally, I would be a beater if the coordination was there :). 


  1. Haha, love your answer! I have zero coordination, and I'd probably get knocked out by a bludger as soon as the match started! :D

  2. Oooh nice pick!! Quidditch is majorly intense and also scary so I don't blame you one bit hehe. Madame Hooch is pretty awesome in any case :D

  3. I love Madam Hooch. She's such a great character :D Wonderful choice to be the referee. That's a lot of fun! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  4. Nice pick! I always thought her fierce and badass and no-nonsense referee and that's why she was one of my faves. :) Too bad she barely had any pages in the books. :D

  5. Being the ref might be a little crazy. Teams would be really mad at you for making a bad call. That would make me nervous!

  6. I never even thought of being the referee - inspired choice. I'd go for chaser, and hope my netball skills were still with me after all these years, and that I could combine them with flying!



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