'Reading a book is like re-writing it for yourself. You bring to a novel, anything you read, all your experience of the world. You bring your history and you read it in your own terms.'- Angela Carter

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #26

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at the wonderful blog; Broke and Bookish. This weeks is : Top Ten words/ topics that make me not pick up a book. 

I used to be stuck in my ways, only really reading paranormal, paranormal romance, fantasy but since blogging I have discovered so many amazing genres, making this list incredibly difficult to write!

Graphic Novel
It does not appeal to me at all. I have read a few and I find them incredibly difficult to immerse myself in. It isn't the same as a novel. There isn't enough there for me to get into.

I just can't. I cannot read this stuff. Of the ones I have read I find them to be quite shallow and with no real purpose to them. This one is quite ironic considering I love watching Sex and the City haha.

Biographies/ Autobiographies
Again, no. If I need to study you, I will read up on you. I don't consider these books particularly fun to read. I like losing myself in another world, and this doesn't allow that.

I can read some of this, but only if it is to do with an essay that I am about to write. At the moment I'm reading a fair amount of it with relation to Harry Potter. However, I would never pick these up in a shop for a bit of 'light reading'.

Religious Fiction
I'm agnostic. Open-minded blah blah blah, but I cannot stomach something that is so deeply involved in religion. It causes so many issues, IMO.

Not for me, thank you. I think the only poetry I have ever enjoyed is Carol Ann Duffy's The World's Wife collection. They are really humorous, but other than that, I cannot stand it.

Nonononono. I cannot think of anything worse to read.

Drama (plays)
Taking Shakespeare out of this, I cannot deal with plays. I find them tiresome and they are most certainly better watched (as intended).

Unless written by the same author, I have no interest. I feel quite finicky saying this but I have to have my books by one author. I'm not a massive fan of short stories and would much prefer to read a full length novel.

New Adult
This is me being judgemental, just to warn you all. Of the ones that I have seen floating around, they seem preoccupied with love, romance, sex and that is about it. I really would love a recommendation of a NA book which doesn't revolve around these topics. I'd love to read a new genre, but so far it is not appealing to me at all.

What about you guys? What makes you immediately put books back on the shelves?


  1. I agree with all of them! All of these sorts of books really don't attract me. I feel like all chicklits are basically the same story..

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  2. I agree with you with most of these! I forgot to add sports on my list, It's a big NO for me.
    My list: http://thetemporaryescape.blogspot.com/2013/07/top-ten-tuesday-2.html

  3. I agree with you on religious and autobiographies. I can't think of anything more boring than reading a true story about someone else's life haha. I want to read to escape too.

  4. Oooh we share quite a few, hon! Great list, totally agree with most of these.
    I never really tried poetry and I want to, but never do in the end :D

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  5. I agree with almost everything on your list... I love graphic novels though!!! You just have to find the right one. :)
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  6. I should've added graphic novels to my list, because they do NOTHING for me. I have a hard time seeing them as real books, as well.

    TTT @ Krista's Dust Jacket

  7. Interesting list. I definitely agree that plays are better watched than read - I think that's a hangover from my school days when we used to analyse Shakespeare and the like to death.

    I confess though, I'm a fan of "chick lit", but it has to be very well written with good characters.

    Here's my list.


  8. Poetry, nonfiction, plays, sports? I feel like we might be kindred spirits. I won't read any of those either!

  9. No sports for me either! And while I do read a non fiction, like once every year, I wouldn't say I really seek it out either.

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  10. I've read a few religious fiction books that I like. Lisa Bergren's waterfall series was all the rage on the blogosphere a few years ago. I can stand it as long as it's not preachy.

  11. I tend to like some graphic novels. Although I will say the only ones I have read were cowritten by my fave authors and the book is either a spinoff/prequel/or some such other tale of their popular/current series or it is a graphic novel version of their series! So in a way I only read graphic novels based off books...or a spinoff of the book series--like Karen Marie Moning's was an entirely different story set in the Fever world but still had the same characters and what not!

    I tend to read the occasional Anthology when a lot of my fave authors are in there. Use to read them a lot more, but once my TBR pile started growing, I would read maybe just a few of them and only read my fave author's stories. It depends really!

    Seeing the same comment on New Adult. Which is so weird since lately I've decided to mark my book that I am trying to get published--going the traditional route isn't working, so it looks like self-publishing it is! Although, you might be happy to hear that while I am calling it new adult since my heroine is in her 20s, there's hardly any sex in it since I don't like all my reads chock full of sex in every other chapter as well!

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    Have a GREAT day!

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  12. I should've put poetry on my list too. It puts me to sleep. I totally agree with you on NA books. They really are just a younger version of adult erotica.

  13. Great list- I had New Adult also. Didn't think of graphic novels- I loved Archie comics when I was a kid, but never touch graphics now.

  14. Biographies and autobiographies aren't really my thing; non-fiction too.
    I don't like religious books or books focused on sports either.
    Awesome list and I love your lovely header! :D<3

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  15. I agree with everything except graphic novels and sports. I'm a huge sports fan and will read almost type of fiction that deals with it. But, I can't read religion, poetry, or nonfiction either.

  16. I am not a fan of New Adult either!

  17. I avoid non-fiction, chick-lit, religious reads, sports and biographies/autobiographies. I haven't read any NA books but until they come out with fantasy versions of the genre I don't plan on reading any either >.<


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