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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

REVIEW: Yours is Mine - Amy Bird

Yours is Mine - Amy Bird
Yours is Mine
How far would you go to get your life back?

Kate Dixon is miserable. So when an email arrives from psychology student Anna, offering her a no-strings-attached, three month long life-exchange, she jumps at the chance. After all: what has she got to lose?

But she doesn’t bank on how much Anna has invested in the swap. How long she’s been watching, putting her immaculate plan together as she waits to enter Kate’s life. And as more comes to light about Anna’s past, Kate finds herself in a desperate race to protect all she holds dear. 

Leaving your life in someone else’s hands is a dangerous game; Kate’s about to find out just how seriously her opponent is playing.
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Yours is Mine is a refreshing, light read which I finished in just under two days. A book that is slightly different from what I usually read, I was immediately drawn to it by its fascinating blurb and was very excited to have my request approved! The book did not disappoint and I found myself flicking through, eager to discover what events were going to unfold. The characters were realistic with Kate being a woman that we can most certainly identify with. 

The novel follows the paths of Kate and Anna as the swap lives for what Kate believes to be a PhD experiment for Anna. There were no spectacular events within the book, with it focusing on Kate participating in regular day to day activities; drama classes, correcting proofs, watching TV. This I really enjoyed, I definitely believe that a good book does not need to absolutely packed with action in order to enjoy it. It was interesting seeing the character of Kate relax once she had returned to London and to see her character develop. Kate's only reason for agreeing to the swap was to get away from the drudge of her job as a lawyer, away from the house where her father had recently passed away and to move away from a place where she would be missing her husband terribly.

There were certain aspects of Kate's characters which irritated me. She was incredibly naive and blind at so many points during the novel, I found myself wondering why on earth wasn't she questioning certain things. Her flaws certainly made her more realistic but she was an incredibly frustrating character to read on occasion. Her character develops in certain ways for the best, but in other ways for the worst. A twist occurs half way through the novel which throws all that she holds dear into further turmoil - without the assistance of Anna.

I felt however, that the novel lacked in the development of the character of Anna. There was roughly double the amount of chapters from the point of view of Kate in comparison to Anna and I found myself itching to discover what exactly her scheme involved. The clues were slowly unveiled and were not incredibly surprising, but I was certainly expecting something more from the conjurer of such a scheme. Despite this, I found her an incredibly easy character to dislike and felt a massive amount of pity for the people involved in her scheme. Anna is not a character that anyone would like, although it is possible to sympathise her a little towards the end.

The shocking turn appears within the very last chapter and I was left feeling frustrated that there was no more to read. This book is certainly not a series so I am looking forward to re-reading it again at some point in the future. The novel contains many shocks and turns, it's filled with emotion and makes for an addicting and fast read. It's a book that I would loved to have curled up on a beach with and I recommend it to anyone. 

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  1. Glad you liked it so much, looking forward to it now. I got it as well and it looks like a fun read. I have to mix up the genres a little more or it all blends together eventually.


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