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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Harry Potter A-Z

A Saturday post I have been doing to spread the Harry Potter love and to take us all on a trip down memory lane :).

M is for Mirror of Erised
“It shows us nothing more or less than the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts.”
The Mirror of Erised chapter within Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is perhaps one of the most heartbreaking of all. With the mirror displaying what it is that you utmost desire, it is heartbreaking to watch Harry return to the mirror every night in order to finally be with his parents. Dumbledore wisely shares that many have wasted away before the mirror, something which forces Harry to reconsider what he is doing. A powerful mirror and something that I am glad does not exist in the Muggle world ;). 
More information on the Mirror of Erised here.

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  1. I often wonder what I would see in this mirror.

  2. I love this mirror, but at the same time, it's a little scary how much power it holds over a person. I wonder what I'd see in it. :)
    It's awesome that it shows the deepest inner desires even we don't know we have. Like I said: scary! Maybe it's best I never get in front of it :D

  3. It's so utterly heartbreaking to see Harry just become sort of obsessed with this mirror - I mean who can blame him really but I can't even explain how relieved I was when Dumbledore finally stepped in and spoke to Harry about it. It's a fascinating object to be sure but it's cruel to think how it was a tease for Harry...and he could have wasted away in front of it.


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