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Sunday, 19 May 2013

REVIEW: The Ghosting of Gods - Cricket Baker

The Ghosting of Gods - Cricket Baker
The Ghosting of Gods
Jesse is an apprentice exorcist who defies his priests when he learns his sister is in danger even though she’s dead. When he’s exiled to a haunted world, Jesse must unravel the mystery of ghosts if he is to save her. He plunges into a deadly game of hide-and-seek. The players include denizens draped in monkish robes, ghosts with matted eyes, the dead who tunnel underground in terror, and...Elspeth.

A coven scientist, Elspeth is both respected and feared for her abnormal spiritual powers. Jesse needs--craves--the knowledge of ghosts which she possesses. But is Elspeth a spiritual prodigy, or dangerously insane? The coven scientist begs him to trust her. He doesn’t. But he wants to.

Caught in a world on the brink of spiritual evolution, Jesse struggles to understand Elspeth even as frightening contacts from his sister force him to face the secret, shattering meaning of a verse he knows well: Blessed are the poor in ghost.

*Received for review from the author*

This is my first did not finish in awhile. This doesn't mean this was a particularly bad book, I've just decided that with a to-read pile as big as mine I can't really afford to waste time reading books that I am just not getting into at all. There isn't a lot of point reading a book if you are really not enjoying it. Unfortunately, this book was one of those. I read up to page 115 of 339 so I gave it a good go. I just couldn't immerse myself into this world. I felt really confused as to what was going on and didn't fully understand the idea behind the book. All I got was that Jesse is looking for his now deceased sister.

The second half of the book sounds much more promising and I am quite sad that I couldn't make it to that part. I felt that I was too far into the book to not be fully immersed in it so thought it was best to put it aside. The world building wasn't for me, I didn't fully understand the conceptions of mistrust between the three protagonists; Jesse, Ava and Poe. It was all too murky and not into the right area of the supernatural for me and my reading. I couldn't follow the narrative path very well and unfortunately, didn't really feel like I was entirely fussed about what happened to the characters.

However, the book was successful in creating a very dark, bleak atmosphere. There was definitely no light in this book. I could feel elements of inspiration of Edgar Allan Poe within the book (I don't know if there was any intentionally and it goes further than just the naming of a character) and that if this was expanded it would make it a much more enjoyable read. I feel really disappointed with this book and wish that I could have enjoyed it more. 

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  1. Too bad you didn't like it, I think I have it on my TBR as well. But you're right, it's pointless to waste time like this.


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