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Sunday, 14 April 2013

REVIEW: Alex - Lauren Oliver

Alex (Delirium 3.5#) - Lauren Oliver
Alex (Delirium, #3.5)

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*May contain spoilers*

This was a short story which was only available in the first print runs of Lauren Oliver's Requiem. I'm hoping that it is reprinted for everyone who has yet to read it so that you can all enjoy it. The short story gives us a glimpse into the childhood of Alex, the torture he underwent in the Crypts, how he escaped and his slow path towards reuniting with Lena once again.

I really enjoyed this. It was fascinating to see how he grew up in The Wilds and how he developed some pyromaniac tendencies. His shock at his 'new' life in Portland - sleeping on the floor over the bed - and the horrendous torture he underwent. It was gruesome to read some of the details featured and it made me appreciate his character and strength so much more.

It was great to read the bombing and mass breakout of The Crypts from the point of view of a prisoner and to read how he succeeded in escaping. The language and world building was once again flawless - I've come to expect nothing less from Ms. Oliver. Definitely one of the best authors I've come across in awhile. 

Another plus was seeing how in love with Lena Alex is. She is always on his mind and is what keeps him going through the torture. Once he is back in The Wilds he is single mindedly motivated in tracking down Lena. It was infuriating to see him wishing her well and to move on... completely different from the Alex we meet at the end of Pandemonium! This once again ends before Requiem begins, leaving a big gap in the narrative. Very frustrating but still a very, very enjoyable read. 


  1. It's mad that he acted as he did in Requiem, after seeing the 'real' side of him. Bah, not sure if I can forgive him. :D

  2. Hey, I was wondering if you knew where to find the PDF file, I got it in Spanish (my native language) but it's really not the same and I've been reading the series in English.

    BTW. I really like what you're doing here!


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