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Friday, 1 March 2013

REVIEW: 'Guardians of the Grimoire' - Natasha Slight **GIVEAWAY**

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Rumors have spread among the immortals of a book that controls all the magic in both the human and spirit worlds. So what is the Spirit Mother to do when Kaël, a corrupt spirit, attempts to steal the Grimoire from her temple?

With no other option, she instructs Gaïa, a benevolent spirit, to hide the Grimoire in the human realm and to train three young girls in becoming the new guardians. Kerani, Tiluvia, and Cesca are awakened to their destinies, and thrust into a perilous journey as they race to Gaïa’s island. Accompanied by the Kal’rana sisters, the girls discover the magic that lies dormant within them. But fate plays a cruel twist on them, as their magical abilities are unleashed before they are ready, and disastrous consequences follow suit.

In a land shrouded in magic, and filled with as many friends as there are foes, will the girls be able to fulfill their destinies? Or will the balance of magic be thrown into chaos?

Review: 4/5*
Once I received the email to participate in this blog tour, I knew there was no way I could pass it up. I expected the book to be fairly similar to many others within the fantasy genre although I had only encountered one other tale with a grimoire at its center. It is safe to say that this book was nothing like what I expected. It contains many of the fantasy genre's tropes - a long journey, magical powers, villains, dark magic - but succeeded in bringing something new to the genre.

Slight is successful in giving us villains we love to hate and heroines that we can empathize with, despite us not having the same supernatural powers. Kerani is the heir to the throne but is non-conformative to the usual ladies expected within such roles. Tiluvia is part of a big family in which she works on stalls in order to ensure money and Cesca lives only with her guardian. All three are brought together at Kerani's literal battle against her suitors. We follow their journey as they develop their powers, come to terms with being the guardians of the Grimoire and watch their friendship strengthen. The magical powers offered - especially to Tiluvia - aren't ones which I had come across before. It was something original and I am looking forward to seeing what Slight will do with these three females in the next book. 

The villains are equally as appealing. We have Kael, a corrupt God whom has escaped from the fifth level of the afterlife, Nox, the untrustworthy and shifty chancellor and finally the corrupt sorcerer, Merazar. These figures constantly brought a wave of unease with them, there wasn't a single scene in which they weren't plotting some form of evil. The character in which I find difficult to place is Valconius. At one point I almost expected a cliched love affair to develop between himself and Kerani, but certain events within the novel threw my assumptions up in the air and I really can't wait to see what Ms. Slight does with it!

The world building was excellent, I was instantly transported into this new world. The language was clear and the book was written beautifully. I recommend this book to any fantasy lover - or anyone that loves living in a world far away from their own. A truly amazing book. 

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About the Author
Natasha Slight

Natasha Slight lives in Montreal, Canada with her husband and two daughters. Although, she has an aversion to -20 degree temperatures, she keeps warm and cozy, while writing in her home office. Being a stay-at-home mom and an avid reader and collector of books for many years, she traveled frequently, following her husband and his work. The settings in the stories she writes are enriched with details she has gleaned from her travels around the world. Armed with a quirky sense of humor, Natasha writes to inspire, tap into the mind, and unleash the imagination within. Guardians of the Grimoire is her debut novel.

Website: http://natashaslight.blogspot.com/
Amazon Author Page: https://amazon.com/author/natashaslight
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/NatashaSlight
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NatashaSlightBooks
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5273614.Natasha_Slight

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