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Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Delirium Cast So Far

Quick little post to show off the new cast of Delirium. As we're all aware, Lauren Oliver's awesome books are being made into a TV series which are (according to IMDB) going to be released in 2014. So, here's the cast:

Gregg Sulkin Picture
Julian Fineman - Gregg Sulkin

Billy Campbell Picture
Thomas Fineman - Billy Campbell 
Erin Cahill Picture
Rachel - Erin Cahill
Melinda McGraw Picture
Lydia - Melinda Mc Graw
Brenda Koo Picture
Raven - Brenda Koo
Corey Reynolds Picture
Tack - Corey Reynolds

Emma Roberts Picture
Lena Holloway - Emma Roberts
Daren Kagasoff Picture
Alex - Daren Kagasoff
Michael Michele Picture
Elyse Hargrove - Michael Michele
Jeanine Mason Picture
Hana - Jeanine Mason
Well, this is the cast. What do you guys think? I'm not feeling all too happy. Lena is quite close to how I imagined her as is Thomas Fineman. Hmmmm. Think I'm going to just lock down my interpretations of them for now. Not feeling particularly thrilled, I know it is an easily solved thing but isn't Hana's blonde hair constantly mentioned? :(



  1. Bleh. I don't know. I mean Emma is gorgeous but she's more like what I imagined Hana would look like. Alex is pretty accurate but still meh. And Julian is just... he better be a blonde.
    I'm not amused.


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