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Friday, 9 November 2012

Shocking: Obama apparently won due to the 'slut vote'

A short blog just to publish these two articles which have shocked and disgusted me! A man under the name of B-Skillet (a member of Christian Men's Defence Network)has written a blog post titled; "What the Right Doesn't Get About Elections". He argues that Barack Obama won the election purely due to 'Slut Vote' aka the single, liberated women voting. The links within my post are a summary by the Independent Newspaper and the other a blog post fighting back against the claims of 'B-Skillet'. I can't actually link to his blog unfortunately as it is private (I wonder why!?) but these I can give you:

Please let me know your thoughts, I am appalled! 


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  1. That's genuinely disgusting.

    I'm not American, but that's absolutely disgraceful. It just shows the sexism that exists in the world and how women are still degraded.


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